What is Tend Skin Liquid ?

Tend Skin® Liquid requires no mixing. There are no limits on use, and no preparations before use. You can now use your preferred method of hair removal. Tend Skin® Liquid was developed with No Animal Testing!

Tend Skin® Liquid effectively reduces the appearance of unsightly ingrown hair, razor bumps, and redness from shaving, waxing, electrolysis or laser hair removal

What causes ingrown hairs and razor bumps?

  • These problems for the most part result from a combination of various hair removal procedures and the genetic nature of an individual’s hair thickness, wiriness, and tendency to curl. They can occur naturally as well.
  • When a hair removal procedure cuts the hair off below the skin surface such as waxing and electrolysis, the result will most likely be an ingrown hair.
  • When the hair is cut above the skin surface, likely a razor bump will form.
  • Ingrown hairs also form from above-skin hair removal depending on how close to the skin surface the hair is cut and the genetic factors.

Ingrown hairs and razor bumps are similar; however they have much in common. Both conditions involve the location of a hair or part of a hair below the skin surface.   This causes the familiar redness, irritation, and skin bumping. This is the same reaction the skin has to an ordinary splinter under the skin.  The body reacts to this “foreign” object and is in fact called a “foreign body reaction”  It causes redness, swelling and often an infection.

The subject of razor bumps and ingrown hairs often brings to mind irritation, skin redness, and appearance issues. The questions, though, are always the same. What can I do about these problems?

Try Tend Skin Liquid.

  • All you need to is wipe it on twice a day, before sleep and in the morning after showering, drying and shaving.
  • Be sure the skin is dry before applying as it will work longer.
  • This product requires undisturbed time on the skin to be effective so if you wash it off or get the area wet, you will need to dry and reapply.


Tend Skin Liquid is your new “anti-aging” skin care product!

One use we learned of early on was the ability of the Tend Skin Liquid to thoroughly cleanse the skin.

We learned this when make-up artists brought the product onto Hollywood movie sets for the actors to use.  One well-known actor told me the product is excellent for removing stage makeup and cleansing the skin.  Needless to say, his skin looked great which was why I asked him the question.

We have found that the unique combination of ingredients in Tend Skin Liquid have tremendous skin cleansing ability.  One way we tested this was to challenge anyone who thought they had a great facial to go back over their skin with an applicator dampened with Tend Skin® Liquid.  Every time, without exception, more dirt was lifted from the skin.  You wipe gauze or other applicator dampened with Tend Skin Liquid across your face like you are removing a smear.  If your skin was oily before, it will not be oily afterwards!  Skin oil holds dirt and the ability to reduce the skin oil is the key to clean skin!  Nothing does this as well than Tend Skin Liquid!

In addition to pure cleansing ability, the product also performs a micro-exfoliation which soon leaves the skin smooth and shiny.  You will find the need for make-up decreases when you use Tend Skin Liquid as a facial cleanser on a regular basis!  People will tell you your skin glows!

You don’t need much Tend Skin Liquid to do the job.  Most people use far too much. With Tend Skin Liquid, a little goes a long way.

Once you clean the skin it’s time to moisturize.  We suggest our Waterproof® Moisturizer.  Check the ingredients we use against the moisturizer of your choice. No other moisturizer uses our ingredients. The moisturizing lasts and lasts with no greasy feel on the skin after application.


How to use Tend Skin Liquid with Shaving? For Women & Men

Apply thin coat of Tend Skin Liquid after shaving and drying the skin.

For Existing Ingrown Hairs/Razor Bumps: Apply also at night independent of shaving to help clear existing unsightly ingrown hairs and razor bumps.Once the skin is clear, start reducing use to once daily after shaving; experiment to determine how little you need to maintain clear skin. Remember, a little goes a long way.

Change the razor blade when your blade loses that “new blade” feel. A dulling blade will scrape and irritate the skin making matters worse. It doesn’t matter which direction you shave, with the grain or against. This is NOT a cause of ingrown hairs or razor bumps. It is the SHARPNESS of the blade that makes a difference. Shaving against the grain only causes problem when the blade is dull by scraping and irritating the skin which increases the tendency for ingrown hairs and razor bumps to occur.

The number of shaves per blade will depend on the coarseness and thickness, and curliness of the hair, how large an area of skin is being shaved and how often you shave. It differs for everyone.

When using on the face: Do not splash onto face to avoid getting in your eyes. Rinse product off of your hands to avoid skin exfoliation on your fingers and palms. The product has a mild exfoliating effect which makes it ideal for those of you who want a mild facial; with periodic use and a little scrubbing of the skin with the product, your skin will glow!

CLIPPERS: Many men with razor bumps use clippers in order to avoid “cutting” the “bumps” with a razor blade. Clippers will not give a smooth a shave. After using Tend Skin Liquid for a while, the “bumpy” texture of the skin caused by the ingrown hairs and razor bumps should improve in appearance, eliminating the need for clippers. Give it a try!

For men who have unsightly razor burn or redness on their necks, from wearing a tie (“cherry necks”), applying Tend Skin Liquid after shaving should improve skin appearance, usually in an hour or less. Daily use will help reduce the appearance of redness.
Men with this problem need to use the product daily and MUST shave DAILY to maintain clear skin.

Other causes include: failure to replace the blade as soon as it loses its “new blade” feel.. Blades are made from cheap steel. They lose sharpness quickly. You MUST replace the blade when it no longer feels “new” or it will scrape and irritate the skin. This INCREASES ingrown hair/razor bump formation.

Waxing, Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal

For use with Waxing: Applying Tend Skin Liquid before waxing will “ease” the wax “pull”. Tend Skin Liquid dissolves skin oils that interfere with the wax sticking to hair. It also minimizes hot wax sticking to the skin; which can cause skin tearing during the wax “pull”. Wax technicians tell us the hairs feel “loose” during the pull after applying the product.Applying after waxing will improve the post-treatment red appearance of the skin, usually before you leave the salon. It also improves the appearance of post-wax bumping that appears a day after waxing.

For use with Electrolysis: Applying before electrolysis will help with electrolysis needle placement in the follicles. The product cleans the skin and adds contrast making it easier to visualize the area. Applying after electrolysis will reduce the post-electrolysis red appearance of the skin, usually before you leave the salon.Apply between electrolysis treatments when you see hair re-growing. Determine how little is needed to maintain skin clarity. Experiment to determine your individual requirements

For use with laser hair removal: For existing ingrown hairs, apply for several days prior to laser hair treatment but only up to a day before the treatment as the product can block the laser from reaching the follicles. Apply after treatment to reduce appearance of redness usually before you leave the treatment office.